Auto LPG Dispensing Station

Go Gas has instituted 223+ Auto LPG Dispensing Stations spanning PAN India. The team aims to set up 500 stations by 2024. Auto LPG Economically allows 40-50% cost savings in comparison to petrol, which is reason enough for our consumers to switch to auto LPG. In India 2.5 million vehicles run on AUTO LPG as of now. Auto LPG becomes a natural choice because it is very convenient to transport & store thus available across India. Many vehicle owners are already enjoying the benefits of Auto LPG every day.

Estimated total Auto LPG business will be reaching XXXXXXXX by the next 3 years, and you can also start your own Auto LPG station in your city, With Confidence group. “A network of Auto LPG Dispensing Stations is the need of the hour.” We have understood & want the world to understand.

“Save More Conserve More”

Auto LPG Kit

Abundance in availability and easy-to-get are some of the benefits which make Auto LPG for Vehicles a popular choice in India. Auto LPG gives an evident advantage over Petrol in terms of price, and its ease of availability & storage also makes it a natural choice alternative fuel for petrol-driven vehicles. Auto LPG is a Clean and economical fuel as compared to Petrol and Diesel.

Any Petrol vehicle can be converted easily to an Auto LPG vehicle by installing an LPG conversion kit in the vehicle and vehicle owners can start enjoying all the benefits of Auto LPG without much effort.